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Bible study week: Luke 14

Greetings to all the readers. It gives me great joy to share this weeks bible study week material. Looking back over the last few weeks at the teachings of Jesus we discover how our Lord Jesus Christ shared his principles to his disciples about life in the eternal realm of heaven by using an earthly story to give context to a heavenly truth. This is also a great tool to use in modern times using our daily lives. Without further ado lets look at today's teachings from Luke 14.


The setting of this chapter sets off in a Pharisees house where the issue of healing on a Sabbath seemed to unsettle the Pharisees. So what does Jesus do? He asks a rhetoric question. He gives something on the earthly realm such as an ox as an example, an animal of great value ,with which all present would make an effort to save, if it found its way into a ditch. Now wouldn't God do the same for us if He found us in need of help. Which is why Jesus healed the man with an abnormal swelling.

It is for me, interesting how the different people chose to seat at the₩ best places at the table of honour. He however encouraged the host to invite the least within the community to his banquet. Why is this? Well, I suppose Jesus was trying to demonstrate how the authority structure works in the Kingdom of God. For those who are the least the Lord will exalt.

Verse 16 of the same chapter talks about an invitation which a man gave to guests seeing that EVERYTHING was now ready. But they began to give excuses. One was talking about his job at the field while another was talking about taking care of his wealth in the form of oxen. Now, to give this passage more context to relate to the modern times, the man with the plough could be someone who is trying to avoid the invitation by God due to a commitment to work while the man with the ox could be a man who has accumulated a lot of wealth and would rather be occupied by preserving it than doing God's will. Now, Jesus adds the man who just got married. Well, he too has said he will not go because of family commitments.

Verse 22, the servant reports back to his master and discovers that there is still ROOM. So the master tells the servant to invitación the people on the street. There is a strrong warning for those who refused to attend the banquet, that they will not partake of God's eternal kingdom.


Verse 25, starts off with a large crowd following Jesus. If it was in modern times this would be the time when the megachurches are full with the crowds waiting to hear Jesus message. Then, Jesus says to the crowd if you are not willing to leave everything that is your family and everything that you have come to know, then you cannot be Jesus disciple. What a bold statement. Jesus makes it clear to anyone who says that he is willing to follow him that it will cost them everything even their own lives. Now the question is how many of those people who heard this message and understood it stayed behind. Well, Jesus goes on to mention that we are the salt of the world and that if taste is lost or value then we will be cast away.

Key principles

Obedience remains better than sacrifice. Yes, there are many who observe the traditions of man yet it is important to note that those who are in God's rest will forever seek to do His will by fulfilling His word through obedience.

In addition, let us remember that in God's kingdom no one person is valued above the other. Though on earth we may choose to have the best positions, we should observe that if we choose a life of service by choosing the lowest seats God will see and reward those who have humbled themselves. This was a hard message especially to the Jewish community who believed that because they were the chosen people they would automatically be admitted into Gods kingdom. Reading further into the parable of the banquet we begin to see why many will not enter into God's Kingdom. They made excuses where God had told them that they should GO.

To conclude following Jesus doesn't necessarily mean that you will have a life of comfort. Well to put it plainly, it will be more difficult than when it was before following Christ. However, Jesus encourages all believers that when they decide to follow Christ they will be TESTED. The test includes giving up what they value the most. So if you are in this position, my advice is that pick up your cross and follow Jesus.

Well, this was an interesting chapter and as far as I can see, one needs to be aware of what true believer in Christ looks like. He has made a choice like Peter and the rest of the 11 disciples to leave their old life and follow Jesus. Even if it means death.

Amen my brothers and sisters. Until next time. Blessings.

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