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Bible study week: Luke 16

Greetings to all the readers of this blog. Last we looked at the teachings Luke 15. Now this week we will look at the one of Jesus most powerful teachings given to us in a parable. Bear in mind that Jesus spoke a heavenly truth in the form of a parable to explain heavenly principles. Today, we will look at the next Chapter which is Chapter 16. Without further ado let's dive into it.

The parable of the shrewd manager

When I read through the book of Luke, I wondered what Jesus meant in giving this parable. Anyway for a bit of context, Jesus is talking to his disciples and tells them about a rich man who had entrusted his possessions to a wasteful manager. Now the manager had to be called to account for the wasted resources.

The moral of the story is that Jesus was explaining how wealthy His Heavenly Father is and that each person who is individually blessed with gifts will have to one day have to account for them. In today's terms we often value things in terms of material value. However, Jesus advises that for those things of no eternal value it would be wiser to exchange them for everlasting relationships of eternal value.

This principle hit me hard over the last couple of years. I often asked myself how it would be possible to exchange things of no eternal value for those that have eternal value. But every opportunity is a test. The outcome of that test will show the condition of our hearts in worshiping God.

Verse 10 talks about being rewarded with more responsibilities once one has passed the test. Key principle is that don't waste the opportunity that God has given you. Secondly, in verse 13, Jesus gives us a paradox that it's either you are serving one of the two money or God.

When I look at this teaching, I see that Jesus wanted to remind his disciples that nothing on this earth and in Heaven remains unaccounted for.

Verse 16 provides additional teachings which kick of with a warning about the fulfillment of God's word through His prophets leading up to John the Baptist. Well it's interesting that many at the time even up until today are seeking alternative entry points to the Kingdom of Heaven. But God's prescription is only through Jesus and no other route.

The rich man and Lazarus

If there is one parable that has pointed out the distinction between Heavenly and earthly realms then one can read from verse 19 of Chapter 16.

There is two characters one of who was a rich man while on earth and Lazarus a poor man while on earth.

As the two men left their finite lives to the infinite, we get to see Lazarus being taken to the same realm as Abraham. What is interesting is the divide between the two realms which would not allow the rich man to communicate with Lazarus.

The last part of the conversation between the rich and Lazarus paints a picture of how important it is to take God's warning very seriously because there is one of two places one can be either with Jesus or in Hades.


Looking back at Luke 16, I learnt that Jesus taught his disciples including you and me about investing in eternal relationships that we will carry to eternity. How we choose to honour God is seen in the manner in which we worship Him through what we have been blessed with. Let us also not be blind to the less privileged in our community because one day like the rich man we will have to account for our decisions. After all it is through our obedience that the Kingdom of Heaven is manifested on earth.

Let us take time to visit this chapter and ask God how through the Holy Spirit we can serve God.

Until next time. May God bless you.

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