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Christian testimonies: Meeting another fellow disciple

Greetings to you all. I am humbled to be writing another page of a chapter of this life as we continue to walk I the stewardship of our Lord Jesus Christ. Its interesting that while I was in Johannesburg I took some time to look at the The Last reformation map and as I looked up further north to Zimbabwe I only noticed one man listed in Harare. Curiosity began to beg of me a question that I had no answer to. Was there only just one person I could relate to in an entire city of Harare, had I the opportunity to visit this city? I hope that the following account will give you a glimpse of what happened so far.

Meeting a fellow disciple

Now there is a wise man who once reminded me that in the Bible there is no one part that refers to coincidence. I suppose he must have been telling me that God's plan is so perfect that nothing is left to chance.

Anyway, earlier last week I was looking through my emails then suddenly it struck me that I had to reply an email that I had received while I was in Johannesburg. It had been from Helman a fellow disciple staying in Harare.

I had promised to cantact him as soon as I arrived in Harare. Due to a busy schedule that did not happen until last week when I sent him an email back in reply. He later replied asking if I could meet him on Saturday which I agreed.

When Saturday finally arrived I prepared a small breakfast meal before setting out to meet Helman in the city at 10am. We would later meet at a restaurant where I had been waiting for him, before going to Harare Gardens where I would share with him my life as a disciple.

A conversation with him was one of the best blessings God had given to me, since coming to Harare. Our discussion took the greater part of the day as we fellowshiped, chatting away like two lost friends even though we were meeting for the first time.

I was quite an honor to have met Helman. At one point Shaun joined us on video call and shared a word or two. In retrospect I thank God that the Lord is using us in different ways depite in which place we find ourselves. In the conversation, Helman said to me, "God has His people everywhere. Even on the street corners there is someone interceding." There was truth in what he said. Often times we live in an island forgetting that it is God who does the work sending the workers to the field to labour. How fortunate one is to be amoungst the chosen few.

Which reminds me of the words of Jesus in Matthew 9 verse 37 the workers are indeed few but the harvest is plentiful. If you have counted amoungst the laborers then you are blessed. Many were called but only a few were chosen.

With that I conclude by saying that it was great to be with Christ in this journey. It is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. At all times it requires us to give all of us not just some of us but ALL. Unless you forsake everything then you cannot be Christ's disciple. I leave you to chew on that for a minute.

Thank you for your support and your input in our blog. A special thanks to Helman. It was a pleasure meeting him . As we continue to grow, I pray that these testimonies will edify you as well as a word of encouragement. My prayers, also go out to the De beer family who will be joining Carly and Marc in Indonesia in the coming week. I pray that the Lord will be with you always.

Until the time, keep us in your prayers just as we are praying for you.

Be blessed.

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